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Macao interpreter couplet is met vice-chairman Zhang Meifang

Congress of member of international interpret couplet was held in Shanghai on August 2. Macao translates couplet to be able to wait for 7 interpreters to organize the entrant that be by offer of international interpret connection. Chinese network reporter is in ask Macao to translate couplet to meet professor of college of vice-chairman, Macao Ms. Zhang Meifang for a short while, to international interpret couplet this most the ” fresh blood with young “ made the introduction.

She tells a reporter, last year, the Macao of a batch of have a common goal translated the home to establish Macao to translate couplet to meet, had recruited 63 members at present, the transducer compose that they come from university of Macao university, science and technology of Macao technical institute, Macao and government and folk respectively. Macao interpreter couplet can be in China interpret assist below the leader, participated in a lot of communication activities that travel together with inland, she thinks, become entrant of international interpret couplet, will make the interpreter activity of Macao, interpreter studies more internationalization.

According to Introduction Zhang Meifang, macao is multilingual area, official language is article of Chinese, Pu, english reachs his as working language scope of application extensive, interpreter activity is very brisk, to beginning an interpreter research has advantaged advantage.

Zhang Meifang discloses to the reporter, macao translates couplet to be able to be applied and obtain what the 6th Asia translates a forum successfully to sponsor authority, the purpose depends on letting the world understand Macao. This forum will translate couplet by Macao the organization such as foundation of university of meeting, Macao, Macao is sponsorred jointly. (Chen Fang)

(article origin: Chinese net)

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