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IBM establishs interpreter service center in India

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On May 27 message (Litao984lt is compiled) report according to foreign media, IBM company already was in India the general western that (Pune) established one place language to translate a service center, provide the service of French, German, Italian and language of spanish interpret Cheng Ying.

This week shows the spokesman of IBM, newest the one part that the center of the place interpreter that establish is the strategy that IBM company plan is established in Asian area and Europe offers a variety of language files similarly to translate a service center.

Outside the interpreter job that pursues such as email, webpage and contract and so on besides the interpreter staff member that has major. This general translates a service center to also will use the technology that researchs a lab by IBM India development and tool then, translate servive routine in order to optimize this center forehead, this spokesman complement says.

In this week of one establish ceremonially, IBM expresses, this center will become IBM in general that application deserves to send a center with the 4th of advisory service. That center covers an area of new general the area exceeds 180000 square foot, approach employ 2000 employee.

IBM company expands its dimensions quickly in India all the time, up to to the end of last year December, its already amounted to 73000 in the staff member amount of this country.

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