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Shengjieluomu (Saint Jerome) (347 - 420) inchoate west " Bible " learn the home, he serves as " Bible " the translator of Latin text, be acted according to to be Palladium by western written translation and oral interpretation worker all the time. Long-term since, written translation and oral interpretation worker (and the association that they are in) the birthday that can use him (on September 30) the day of around holds commemorative activity.

International translates an alliance (FIT) since holding water 1953 oneself, its board is encouraged all the time with executive board hold Shengjieluomu day (on September 30) congratulatory activity. 1991, committee of FIT public relations put forward (on September 30) the tentative idea of international interpreter day. Of the same age, FIT board adopted this one tentative plan, the decision suggests FIT membership organization strengthens cooperation, make clear their solidarity one days in Shengjieluomu, so that improve the position of interpreter profession home. This is a time that expresses interpreter profession sense of pride. As globalization process accelerate, the interpreter will become more and more important.

Begin from 1992, the FIT development according to international situation, every annual meeting raises different interpreter day subject.

The theme 1992 is: Translate the ligament with crucial —— .

The theme 1993 is: Interpreter, nowhere is absent. The information with the quite valuable person that a few offset are expended is contained in the press release that one that year FIT issues, be like: 1. Imagined you to purchase assorted furniture, bicycle, or videocorder, but the manual does not have translation, at this moment you can feel difficult and heavy. Of course, everybody knows, bad manual translation can bring how many trouble. 2. To those allergic people, if the about product component introduction on product manual does not have an interpreter to come out, so they can be in hazardous condition. 3. If service instruction and market publicize the translation with material favorable stock, so, the figure of the company can promote greatly, and wrong translation is opposite undoubtedly the fame of the company is harmful and profitless.

The theme 1994 is: Translate area area view. Chairman FIT is enumerated at that time interpreter project includes: Interpreter of science and technology, media, conference, community, court waits.

The theme 1995 is: Translate the key of development

The theme 1996 is: Interpreter and copyright

The theme 1997 is: Right interpreter way

The theme 1998 is: The spirit of the interpreter that respect property and specialization

The theme 1999 is: Interpreter - change

The theme 2000 is: Serve the technology that needs at the interpreter
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