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Medical committee establishs 7 interpreters group

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Committee of interpreter of medicine of association of Shaanxi province interpreter was in the 4th Military Medical University on March 22, 2008 on the west central assembly room held medicine of Beijing hospital children to worked for the first time 2008 the conference, committee of medical major committee and member attended the meeting on behalf of 30 much people, the conference still invited province interpret assist deputy advocate appoint hold committee of secretary-general Ma Ke, science and technology concurrently advocate appoint how does Qin Quan attend the meeting, the conference by medical committee deputy advocate appoint hold secretary-general Xu Dongliang concurrently to chair.
Medical committee advocate appoint Zhang Guocheng put forward to will want to make medical major committee henceforth big, become the strong, overall development target that has become, how to fulfil the specific mission this year certainly. Want to hold the meeting regularly, spread out in the light of specific issue discuss, put forward medicine to translate committee to should perform main job task, introduce the culture of the most advanced abroad technology and Medical Protection in time to home, transmit technology of advanced medical treatment and traditional people culture to the world, the development of stimulative science and technology and culture communicate, better service at the society.
Equestrian secretary-general aing jade-like stone saves interpret currently assist development situation had a talk, and offerred precious constructive directive opinion to medical committee.
This the conference decides the key works this year is an interpreter a newest abroad the book about guideline of medical treatment make a diagnosis and give treatment, reach enlarge large contingent, induct more outstanding talents meet and establish medical committee each professional groups. The professional constituent that hold water is not: Pedology, surgery learns, internal medicine learns, pathology, supersonic diagnose learn, medical psychology, medicine examines, election each learn the group leader of the group and assistant group leader, secretary, report personnel composition list province interpret assist.
Decision of conference of first time job established committee of interpreter of medicine of association of Shaanxi province interpreter 2008 medicine each major group, professional group and each personnel composition are as follows:
Pedology major group:
Group leader: Cheng Shengquan 4 medical science are big on the west vice director of associate professor of Beijing hospital doctor
Assistant group leader: College of medicine of Cai eaves red Xi'an is accessary director of physician of hospital vice director
Fierce founds a state director of physician of vice director of Xi'an spaceflight total hospital
Doctor of vice director of doctor of hospital of children of city of Li Xiaoqing Xi'an
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