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Translate association and limited company of number of Shanghai constant interest by Shanghai project (Hua Dong of "Trados" of Beijing inscription Cheng Xing always takes the place of) the TRADOS of Shanghai of " of first phase that holds jointly translates memorial software to groom a " at 9~11 day is false in March Shanghai talent grooms the center grows peaceful area base. Attend this period groom of the class have come from east of orgnaization of representative of Beijing intellectual property, Nanjing to translate firm of black of courtyard, Zhejiang justice and this city translation, Ximen worker of the senior administrator of limited company of shipbuilding of subsidiary, Edward, interpreter and technical personnel, and the about more than 20 people such as this conference member.

This period groom the class meets senior interpreter by me above all this locality of interpret careful give a lecture changes domestic Wang Pinggeng industry and interpreter occupational current situation and development trend, subsequently I meet specially invite the interpreter of tuitional mainstream assists the Trados software engineer of introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad standing director, senior interpreter Mr Yanling and limited company of number of Shanghai constant interest to software TRADOS is installed and be used, namely the operation flow of Translators Workbench, use Winalign to guide Workbench operates library of term of flow, MultiTerm to establish an operation webpage of commonly used and the flow, operation flow below Word environment, operation flow in Tageditor, special file and PPT file interpreter, and project example is analysed communicate with operation experience. The current situation and the schoolteaching teacher genetic, development to the translation software of foreground incisive elaborate, adept to Trados software application skill and rich practice operate experience, especially teachers are assiduous cordial send grant student people academic arose to interact actively with comprehension, grooming the end of the class reached a climax. The Xiao Nv that if come from Shanghai to make be amounted to surely,translating a company person attending what what in asking to join what meet originally to case after the class, narrate to groom this in that way, "My weekday when go the lecture that garden of white cat science and technology listened to to concern TRADOS, the teacher when grooming's serious, enthusiastic manner affected me, special hope can become a among you, learn to those senior interpreters, the platform that also hopes to an everybody can communicate very much can be the same as " of software of everybody discussion Trados.
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