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Committee of STA A language achieves the whole nation first " Islamic cate " ele

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China the first " Islamic cate " electronic magazine at the official on August 2 start publication before the Olympic Games, epigraph of well-known writer Mr Jin Yong expresses congratulation.

Electronic magazine is in recent years popular a kind of at the network new-style media, animation of be in harmony, music, character at an organic whole, have transmission rate is rapid, popularize wide characteristic. " Islamic cate " electronic magazine translates committee of major of association A language to sponsor by Shaanxi province, after uploading Internet, by the reader free freedom downloads. Its tenet is " promotes Islamic food culture, stimulative nation economy grows, popularize Islamic cooking knowledge, compose builds harmonious and healthy life. "The magazine shares rotate of 30 many columns to weave, among them " Laobai interview records each district of " , " nation of " of cate of Islamic of world of delicate " , " , " feeds common " , " to teach you to do cate " to wait. Concern the content of cate of Olympic Games Islamic especially, more get reader reception.

According to magazine chief editor white sword wave introduces, xi'an is the birthplace of culture of Chinese Islamic food, behoove is studying, disentomb the front row that respect of Islamic food culture walks along in the whole nation. Reforming and opening comes 30 years, the Islamic meal of Xi'an had great progress, get of countrywide meal bound fix eyes on. Regretful is, come a few years, china did not publicize the position of Islamic food culture together all the time. Now " Islamic cate " the start publication of electronic magazine, be sure to be the fast contribution force that promotes Chinese Islamic catering trade. " Islamic cate " upload " of net of " Islamic cate ( , after ten websites of countrywide such as net of guest of rich of " of source of data of " report ass and sina, Baidu, only two original days, download quantity already amounted to 18 thousand person-time. This shows, this electron magazine is very suffer reader gay.

" Islamic cate " head on hairdo, shaanxi is saved civilian appoint vice-chairman of association of interpreter of province of restaurant of vice director Ms. Su Fenghua, Xi'an and meal guild chairman Mr Lin Huaqin, Shaanxi Mr Ma Ke did congratulation to make a speech early or late, province interpret assist the Qin Dynasty installed standing deputy secretary-general completely banquet.

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