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Shaanxi saves first medicine to translate a seminar

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The theory that translates to raise Shaanxi to save medicine and applied level, the understanding of newest to domestic and international medicine knowledge and communication, medicine of association of Shaanxi province interpreter translates committee on September 20, 2008, first medicine is held to translate a seminar in Xi'an.

The conference is main content:

One, foreign medicine heat and lecture of progress special subject: Pedology (inflammation of children respiratory tract is controlled) , inside science, surgery learns, the course special subject such as psychology of pathology, medicine.

2, lecture of congress special subject, medicine translates theory and skill.

3, medical SCI paper writes skill.

4, seminar, how to strengthen the international collaboration of our country medicine and communication.

Sessional a day, on September 20, 2008 (on Saturday) . Join conference representing to hand in meeting Wu to expend 100 yuan (contain lunch) . Attend discussion speech delegate to plan multimedia slide show please.

Meeting site: Xi'an city Tang Ning palace goes vacationing guesthouse (the outskirt austral Chang'an area)

Contact: Xu Dongliang

Phone: 84775400 (do) 13991202289

On August 18, 2008

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