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Chinese latter-day interpreter is narrated slightly

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One, latter-day period of two previously important interpreters

Interpreter ancient time calls “ interpret ” , begin to point to northward interpreter personnel only. " king of · of The Book of Rites makes " say: “ China, exterminate, pretty, surname, …… 5 Fang Zhimin, utterance is illogical, be addicted to is about to differ, da Jizhi, connect its desire, east says send, south says elephant, the west says surname, north says interpret. ” Kong Ying amounts to scanty: “ connects those who pass northward language official to call to say translator. Interpret, chen Ye, call the inside character outside explain. The inside character ” outside the “ that he says ” , the tribal language such as the exterminate outside pointing to week of acting border land namely about, pretty, army, surname and churchyard China a group of things with common features language. Gu Gongyan of the home of great study of Confusion classics of Tang Dynasty, linguist explains further again for: “ interpret namely easy, call change easy utterance to make be solved also. This is in ”[1] an interpreter announces to be a changeover of a kind of language to become another kind of language on certain level.

The interpreter activity with large-scale first time of Chinese ancient time begins from interpreter sutra. The first main interpreter person that translates period is dignitary of the Western Regions is mixed more go to the China that go on a pilgrimage for Buddhist scriptures of the Western Regions goes back to the motherland monk. In the meantime, sutra interpreter often also is a collective activity, the pen of hearsay of the collaboration that count a person that is early days no matter suffers, still be the interpret field after the Eastern Jin dynasty, Sui Daizhi, sutra interpreter often is a kind of collective much person activity. Sutra interpreter arrives from Chinese end at the beginning of the Song Dynasty, last a period of time more than 1000 years, it is period of at the height of power and splendour with Tang Dynasty, the interpret classics staff that around joins makes an appointment with 150 more than person, translate sutra in all 1520, 5620 6, achievement brightness, made significant contribution to world culture. In the meantime, the philosophy since sutra interpreter returns pair of our country Han Tang, literature and art produced major effect. When though special literature translates our country,labour serves as later, belong to recent issue, but from the Eastern Han Dynasty the sutra since is translated in already be pregnant with is worn what literature translates is budding, for example a lot of beautiful fabulous stories in sutra, gout of extremely rich literature, it is a kind of special literature work, it goes up in thought content not only, and in literary and stylistic went up to affect our country literature greatly. Sutra interpreter is the first time on our country history the large-scale, in a planned way, interpreter activity that has an organization, also be our country the first important interpreter period.
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