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The 3rd board holds Si Nuo research center

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The 3rd board will be in research center of Si Nuo of association of Shaanxi province interpreter on June 15 Xi'an is earthed up China the institute is held. This is I save the summary that in recent years Si Nuo studies to work to meet, it is the seminar that pool the wisdom and efforts of everyone extends Si Nuo to study the work, also be contented research force, roll out the 2nd generation Si Nuo studies the meeting of worker is met.

Vice-chairman of Si Nuo research center holds secretary-general horse concurrently to aed jade-like stone to be reported to council in last few years the job. [The delegacy of Shaanxi sea Lun Sinuo that 1] organizes 14 people goes to Yang Baihan university of Salt Lake City to attend international learning seminar. [2] holds dust heart successfully to add Si Nuo birthday 100 anniversary informal discussion. [3] holds birthday of Hai Lunsi Nuo successfully 100 years the international learning seminar on the wheel. [4] interpreter is published [forget year hand in] and [China lays a foundation for democracy] .

Then, xi'an 8 did the Guan Xiqin on memorial hall curator to introduce " great female " - the preparatory condition that Helen · Si Nuo lays new edition of open and flat. She says, life of Helen · Si Nuo is in 8 do memorial hall to already had 20 old histories showpiece, since 1987, this exhibition is judged by the greeting become reconciled of domestic and international audience. The Helen that made again 1997 is exhibited make the 8 permanent exhibitions that do memorial hall. To be in limited space has done this exhibition, satisfy the requirement of wide audience, helen exhibits the new edition 2008 is picture of a market, cultural relic, document at an organic whole, use contemporary high-tech method to undertake inspecting, listen, read, write, the modern exhibition of demand of viewer of contented and different group. The audience can understand the Helen to the history not only, and can be personally on the scene, hear Helen's talk, see Helen · him Si Nuo of lifelike. New edition exhibition plans to will open to the outside world formally on August 1.

Safety of chairman of Si Nuo research center says in the speech, dust heart adds · Si Nuo and the name of Helen · Si Nuo, had become Sino-US two countries and two countries people's friendly synonym, ” of “ Si Nuo makes a piece of calling card that interact with American, it often surpasses thousands of words, can shorten at a draught the thought distance between we and American. 21 centuries are Sino-US the formation that strategic associate concerns, historical ground enhanced the important sense that Si Nuo studies. In speak of Si Nuo research center henceforth when job of a few years, safety gentleman talked at 3 o'clock opinion. The first, build platform. Namely: Continue to do good Hailunsheng to make the same score an exhibition " great female " , build Si Nuo reading room, establish website of Si Nuo research, cooperate with the college, found Si Nuo to study task or subject. The 2nd, develop an activity, namely: The interpreter is published, academic delibrate, course lecture, flow to diplomacy, continue to do well activity of contest of ” of award of Si Nuo of “ Helen ·'s interpreter and ” of award of news of Si Nuo of “ Helen · choose an activity. The 3rd, train newly emerging force. It is main target with undergraduate and graduate student, hold multiform chair, publicize Si Nuo, arouse the interest that young student studies to Si Nuo. Cooperate with the college, strive for a Si Nuo to research includes a task research or apply for independent course. Continue to do well lie between Si Nuo of year of “ Helen · to translate award ” activity, discovery translates new show. Use " interpret encloseds ground for growing trees " and " round-the-world by the clump " , roll out new personality to be made newly, foster the successor that Si Nuo studies. Cooperate with abroad, strive for establish HFS scholar project, go to United States study to consider to create a condition for young scholar. Safety chairman emphasizes, central research works, it is to should notice old, medium, green photograph is united in wedlock, learn from others's strong points to offset one's weakness, give gain quickly; 2 it is domestic research and union of photograph of research of overseas person of the same trade; 3 it is union of photograph of communication of academic research and Sino-US culture education; 4 it is academic research and service society, service teenage quality education is united in wedlock.
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