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Lifelike rate is released in industry first " dragoman interpret look forward to

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Lifelike regards net of government of Chinese Olympic committee as the lifelike company of exclusive and multilingual partner, rely on the IT research and development with powerful oneself and administrative innovation ability, devote oneself to for a long time to become the is based on Chinese interpreter with the greatest whole world to serve a supplier. The process is here medium, lifelike company mixes “ enterprise from beginning to end the main component that ” of sincere letter collaboration regards dragoman equality as company culture, regard the first class important matter that the company grows quickly steadily as the choose that translates a talent, education. “ combines the feedback of dragoman, we revised the system of dragoman settle accounts previously afresh, outside showing a company to be opposite, ministry collaboration dragoman mixes this sufficient also style the sincerity of the group and consideration ” , lifelike expresses, the dimensions in translating an enterprise to want to do away with language transition turns the difficult problem with industrialization, must serve as solid base with outstanding talent.
Lifelike rate was released in interpreter bound first " dragoman interpret look forward to is equal white paper of sincere letter collaboration " , content of its main body evaluates dragoman of ” of ” , “ expense settle accounts, “ to reward 4 cardinal principle of ” of range of quality of draft of interpret of ” , “ by “ dragoman is to form.
Standard of ” of “ dragoman evaluation translates the ” of on any account that efficiency of heart of responsibility of skill, job, speed, cooperation spends to wait for main index according to “ , dragoman from primary to expert class cent is 5 class, to dragoman rate, promote or demoted to also make detailed provision. And translate chief inspector of management center chief inspector, dragoman resource center technically by lifelike take the lead, translated an expert to comprise ” of “ advisory committee jointly, ensure the fairness of executive process and transparent.
Groom about “ dragoman ” , lifelike engages the expert inside course of study and famous learned man regularly, offer free series lecture and course to groom to cooperative dragoman, content diversity, combine current interpreter practice cheek by jowl mostly, specific aim and practical very strong.
Every is in (or once was in) the dragoman that lifelike has worked, expert, all can declare “ lifelike award of ” of 10 beautiful dragoman. Personnel of all bear the palm, will win honorary storytelling and objective award, what will enjoy priority discipline of below lifelike company one year is preferential allocate authority, in the meantime, periodical of lifelike website, electron also will undertake conduct propaganda to personnel of bear the palm.
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