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In new network Beijing on January 17 report (reporter Zhang Ximin) translate the legitimate rights and interests from personnel of course of study to safeguard, the law of dragoman of “ lifelike China that firm of translation of multilingual partner lifelike and office of attorney of boreal capital city make only government jointly helps Chinese Olympic committee central ” , hold water formally in Beijing today.

Center of this law aid seeks advice with law give priority to, help a hot line through special legislation or legal professional is online answer the means such as doubt provides legal support and help for dragoman. The case that suffers serious enroach on to dragoman rights and interests or the typical case that have great society effect, after classics law helps central examine and verify, will can obtain the free representative suit that offers by the center or arbitration.

2 7 years 00, lifelike translates company and association of interpreter of science and technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, began those who be aimed at Chinese dragoman to live jointly state of state, working intensity, body and mind and pressure bear degree of investigation that waits for a respect. Investigation shows, the translation firm that registers in China at present has more than 4000, the many small company with mill type is given priority to, interpreter industry standard is improved urgently. In addition, countrywide interpreter amounts to four people from personnel of course of study, among them 90% above belongs a concurrent post, the dragoman of even more half the number has gotten be defaulted at will in translating the job, embezzle part of what should be issued its deserved the con phenomenon such as work reward. Because dragoman oneself lacks step of significant legal dimension authority, its add up to right beneficial to cannot get effective safeguard.

In recent years, chinese interpreter market appears vibrant picture, draw near as 8 years of 00 2 Olympic Games stage by stage, china makes the opportunity increase that spread external, the interpreter demand of high to internationalization level deepens numerous enterprise and orgnaization stage by stage. Accordingly, how to have humanitarian care to dragoman group, safeguard its the legitimate rights and interests in working process, already became China to translate the focal problem that personnel pays close attention to.
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