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The foreign language translates exam new plant experimentally

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On July 2, 2008, center of exam of Ministry of Education is in Shanghai university of the 2nd industry holds foreign language of “ whole nation to translate certificate English to translate project of ” of 4 class exam to recommend meeting. ” of exam of certificate of interpreter of foreign language of “ whole nation takes an exam by Ministry of Education center and combination of university of Beijing foreign language are held, the exam of certificate of blame record of formal schooling that faces a society is executed inside countrywide limits, basically test ability of mouth of examinee foreign language, written translation, translate qualificatory attestation to what should try the person that pass to provide authority.

This certificate sets English interpreter and Japanese to translate two kinds at present. English translates 4 class exam to be Ministry of Education newest the English interpreter certificate that roll out takes an exam, its special place is pushing plant experimentally newly then not only, and should try an object to expand in undergraduate course of school English three-year institution of higher learning or high post graduate, English 2 grade student and the learner of of all kinds English that have coequal level socially are mixed interpreter lover. Will hold by this year October leave first one's deceased father.

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