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The policeman matchs small language translation during the Olympic Games

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During the Olympic Games, detachment of liaison man of stone scene mountain will cooperate with broadcasting station of China International broadcast, be on duty for a gleam of the policeman deploys small language translation, when encountering problem of occurrence traffic of foreign athlete or tourist, can in time handle.

Shi Jingshan area shares 5 matches place, two independence train place, 6 autographs make an appointment with wine dot and a calm dot hospital. During the Olympic Games, predict to will large quantities of abroad athletes and tourist come this is watched the match and visit. Be on duty when the policeman encounters a foreigner encounter language barrier probably, touch especially go up not to tell English to be illogical again of Chinese, communication obstacle is bigger.

From now on, broadcasting station of China International broadcast will expedite outstanding foreign language talent, to Shi Jingshan traffic detachment policeman grooms spoken English. After Olympic Games match begins, will at least volunteer of two small languages comes to traffic detachment, be on duty jointly with the policeman. If encounter rare language, the policeman still can be contacted with broadcast broadcasting station at any time, obtain a help in time.
(article origin: Shenzhen translates a net)

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