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The interpreter is the traditional industry with a long history, having quite main effect undoubtedly to national economy and the development that open to the outside world, in the times of global economic integration, the interpreter already made one of industries with the most popular whole world. Of communication of home market of the international after joining WTO as our country especially and shirt-sleeve pace accelerate, the speed that interpreter market is having no before is swift and violent develop. In the meantime, those who be engaged in translating a service is enterprise or business unit and personnel also are in mushroom, our country translates the data that association provides to show, via development of nearly 10 years, be in at present book translation firm has nearly 3, 000, there are 400 in what Beijing registers only. Construction of echelon formation of service qualified personnel also gets attention with each passing day, the interpreter team of the nearly 500 thousand person that waits for composition by overseas Chinese of emeritus interpreter, homecoming, student studying abroad and foreign language professional is active the market is translated in our country in. However, with tremendous interpreter demand incongruous is interpreter ability serious inadequacy. At present although the interpreter market dimensions of our country passes one billion four hundred and ten million and sixty-five thousand four hundred and eight, and the digestive ability that translates a company now is in 10-15 100 million yuan, as a result of the inadequacy of talent, technology, much foreign language information does not have an interpreter. Because cannot digest the iformation flow that comes from international, bring about China to lose much commercial chance. The expert inside course of study points out, have the following what a variety of elements are restricting home to translate the market is fast, develop continuously:

1, because think to translate the market to have sudden huge profits,can pursue, the person interfuse that does not have interpreter ability and experience in great quantities translator, interpreter quality gets ensuring hard, translation quality is inferior. Expert of a few senior interpreters ever pointed out at present China translates a bound to existing generally acutely blundering, eager for quick success and instant benefit, professional skill heart of finite, interpret is low, gainful, the integral figure that damaged from industry position disorder and the management that are not a standard the interpreter serves the market greatly and credit.
2, at present domestic interpreter market does not have well-known interpreter trademark, cannot rise to lead goodly to the market with normative action.

3, flow control of devoid whole quality, of the 90% above in all sorts of present transducer compose and enterprise, still stay in the phase of completely manual operation. Without the interpreter quality controls a tool, without complete translation character controls flow. Interpreter quality of whole is not high, its are affected greatly namely as a result and the extensive development of the domain such as politics of block up China and foreign countries, economy, culture, science and technology communicates. E.g. , the interpreter's problem affects nobel prize even. Yue of horse of commissioner of Nobel literature award thinks like that, the crucial question of the Chinese nearly hundred years person that do not have bear the palm is the English translation that has done not have.
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