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Expand increasingly external economic culture communication already was in China ecbolic the interpreter market that gives one billion four hundred and ten million and sixty-five thousand four hundred and eight yuan of RMBs, many translation firm also emerges to come out now. The expert points out, china translates the service quality of the industry and talent management to remain to rise further.

Relevant commissioner expresses, the Olympic Games and Shanghai world rich met Beijing 2008 will bring unprecedented opportunity for Chinese interpreter course of study. In developed country city, the use scale of foreign language and this locality language is commonly 1: 7. To 2008, this one scale of Beijing may achieve 1: 10, far outclass present level.

Chinese interpreter serves the market to also expand in quickness. Current, interpreter of countrywide of all kinds major registers an enterprise to have many 3000, the company that translates business with seeking advice to the name such as the company, company that print is registered and contract to do a job actually more know exactly about sth 10 thousand. Be in Beijing only, the interpreter registers a company to have many 100. Actual strength of Wuhan city interpreter resides the whole nation the 3rd, the professional interpreter company that has actual strength truly is less than 10. Ocean interpreter is one of Wuhan city's most at present professional interpreter corporations.

Face tremendous opportunity, china translates an industry to begin to enter a standard. Ministry of national occurrences in human life begins try out whole nation to translate professional competence from 2003 (level) exam, heretofore exam has been held twice, referenced number makes an appointment with 4600 people, average percent of pass is 30% .

For normative interpreter service market is mixed extend industry function, national quality is supervised examine quarantine total bureau was released in November 2003 " translation service is normative " . The standard is carried out at will rising on June 1 this year, make consumer had a choice to translate the objective standard of the service.

This expert points out, as opposite as translation service line of business relatively the Euramerican nation posture that develop is compared, china's rising interpreter market still compares a disorder. Current problem is main expression cannot assure in interpreter quality, the major that did not refine divides the work, market price case is non-standard wait for a respect. China returns neither one government sector to be in charge of interpreter career at present, the policy standard of an unified, complete, system has not reached the designated position. In western country, interpreter industry has a government generally to be in charge of an unit somehow policy is direct.

In the meantime, the interpreter serves team inadequacy to remain a worry to translate one catastrophe of the industry to inscribe. Chinese interpret assist data shows, china has the interpreter professional of on guard appoint to a position to make an appointment with 60 thousand person, the interpreter guards estimation to amount to 500 thousand person from personnel of course of study, and show about sampling investigation this number may reach 1 million person.
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