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Founder dragon appears on tall December 2008 church east

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On May 17, 2008, the whole nation teachs instrument equipment high to reveal can hold in Gu Chengsu city, the 5.12 short of Wenshui River of arise suddenly plain earth shake makes be exhibited this can become hand in high meet throughout history is the most special. East Founder dragon with “ ” of visible language lab appears this second exhibit meeting.

Range of products of visible language laboratory, the times that complied with language education equipment develops, rely on east the own technology of dragon company, created visible education environment, cooperate multimedia class, provided the true language environment that alternant education place wants video to teacher and learner.

Exhibit during the meeting, in answer to the country aseismatic the appeal that provide disaster relief, the teacher of teacher expression whole nation that meets through looking around to be handed in high is right the attention of disaster area, founder dragon company is in east exhibit meeting site urgent started “ you are participated in, I am contributory we display —— in all love ” activity, ask teachers to keep the word of a Qi Fu for disaster area, answer ardently what got visiting a teacher, teachers gather before exhibiting a stage, write down aspirations in succession, between the lines, communicating the teaching staff care to disaster area people and blessing.

Before this on May 15, to express a support to disaster area, east headquarters of Founder dragon company already to Red Cross contribution 100 thousand yuan.
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