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Was graduated from major of Arabic of phylum of A of day of institute of Shanghai foreign language 1976. Graduation hind holds a post in Xinhua News Agency. Had become interpreter, editor, journalist. Came to studied abroad in Kuwait university 1982 1980, study Arabic and Arabic are changed. Came to held the post of Beirut of Xinhua News Agency to assign company permanent reporter 1988 1985. Held the post of Xinhua News Agency to go to thalassic front to report group group leader 1991, play thalassic war report. The bottom held the post of standing deputy director general 2002 up to now, hold China part-time to translate association at the same time standing vice-chairman.

—— is multivariate culture is communicated cannot leave media, the interpreter is the method of cultural exchange, how do you see the impact of interpreter and media?

The theme of congress of interpreter of the 18th world that will hold in Shanghai is “ interpreter and multivariate culture ” . Closely related the relation of interpreter and media and this one theme, because the ultimate mission of interpreter and reporter is consistent, it is for the understand one another of promotional mankind and communicate; It is to transmit human civilization and culture; It is for report or the progress that record human society civilization and development. Be in especially of culture diversity today, interpreter and reporter are faced with more and more arduous and glorious missions. Need more person of the same trade to participate in discuss an interpreter to be in news, publish the action that waits for transmission domain, raise interpreter level ceaselessly in this process, the job of stimulative media.

The 30 experience that come for years are, an eligible reporter outside be stationed in, want to be familiar with local language above all, understand local culture. The reporter outside be stationed in if a good translation, but cannot be an interpreter only. The interpreter just has become a basis of the reporter outside be stationed in. The reporter outside be stationed in accomplishs a letter in written translation, oral interpretation, amount to, there are stronger news sensitivity and writing capacity even on elegant foundation. Taller also to the observation, analysis, requirement that judges ability. The speech of leader of the other side is encountered when be being interviewed for instance, cannot understand a report by oneself only, cite even his former word or governmental document, that is about accurate without by accident interpreter.

—— whether the concern that joins your experience to talk about media reporter and interpreter?

1985, I will to Lebanon south contest amount to a little village below city to interview. At that time, israel just evacuate, smell of gunpowder is very thick still. The dialect that did not think of here is very difficult, the official of the news ministry that accompanies us repeatedly also is understood not. Be forced to ask a local to do dialectal interpreter again then. This thing gives me very deep impression. No matter interview ability how strong, if do not know local language, begin the work very hard also.
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