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Zhou brother interpret " collect of the novel outside region " , 10 come 10 thousand words can rely on author's remuneration to live one year in Japan!

Present interpreter author's remuneration, 1000 words 60 yuan the commonnest. Rely on this job only, a day of blame reachs 10000 words ability goes down too. After deducting duty to expend (press generation is buckled, be without avoid duty leeway) , a month comes down to look be like pretty good. But work is not to have at any time, and publish just can owe money sometimes, annual calculates together, it is medium income only at most, and precarious. The level of the elder gentleman such as Fu Lei is tall of course, but should put them below this kind of condition, it is very difficult also to be afraid the translation that takes out common people highly praise. On the other hand, me the standard that the income of such translator improves, work force place is restricted, cannot say to take reach same translation, want than showing the level that come now at least tall. The popular sodden translation on market gives ego really the hand of such translator, but bat is hit to our head completely, I feel to still have owe fairness.

Although present book value is the inside story that takes high price big discount commonly, but the sale that is publication orgnaization then is politic, the pay with the interpreter not link up with. Respecting labor is cheap, with respect to China character, physical labor is cheap it is traditional, but the intellectual's labor is this 229 years only ability is cheap rise. As to once upon a time, besides war of resistance against aggression and civil war final phase, the intellectual's work is more expensive still. Say from this meaning, be to be bordering on a kind of equal society really at present.

As to respecting expert interpreter, alas, not too innocent …… . Yang Jiang the expert of that generation, bearing knowledge is believed so that be no problem too commonly, but their age energy cannot have done this again, cannot use greater part head again at least. Present expert, do not say. Think Beijing University those produce per year the professor of millions of word papers. How do expert and academic position come? Their renown head position greatly be worth deliberate. Have what became a leader or is authority take advantage of an opportunity to become an expert in the hand, secure personal gain pulls a task to become an expert, of from that grade down also should do well with the editor of core periodical relation, next paper of rubbish of batch n/med the process of preparing Chinese medicine. Became an expert, the interpreter of famous book counterpoises follow a rational line to do some work well in one's hand. How be done next? Moral quality is superior oneself start work, regrettablly clever wisdom is used in completely thick black learn to go up, interpreter achievement nature is horrible; Subcontract gives a work that waits in bearing us this kind of small interpreter, remuneration 30 differ to 40 yuan; Moral quality is especially poor, flat and direct the graduate student that sends oneself when exercise, a single cent or penny is not beautiful. Having a bit is above 3 person collective, that signs namely, nature is the expert's name.
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