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Does interpret of a fermented drink made from ground beans become ” of “ Beijing coke? Netizen not buy it! Refuse to obey to prevent natural environment of the “ on understanding ” , ” drafts the name of ocean of old Beijing fastfood “ that appears at the end of this month match well of Chinese and Western.

Recently, circulate a fermented drink made from ground beans becomes interpret ” of “ Beijing coke on the net, caused a netizen a saliva battle. In Sohu net channel of idle away in seeking pleasure, rolled out the investigation to this one translated term technically still, the result shows, the nearly eight adults in the person that poll think this translates misgivings, destroyed old Beijing's fastfood culture.

Post of hair of a netizen expresses, beijing's fastfood name terrain distinguishing feature is thick, be the same as foreign food analogy very hard, such interpreters can bring about natural environment of translated term “ to refuse to obey only ” .

To this, fine explanation of Hou of chairman of old Beijing fastfood association says, first translated term or name, it is to state it is euqally important to American that a fermented drink made from ground beans is just like coke to Peking Man, but this idea already was denied now.

He says, affirmatory now naming a principle is give priority to with phoneticize, taste next using in every dish English is mixed to the raw material of food, craft that make flavour make an explanation, such clients not only the meaning that can understand dish name, also facilitate order dishes.

In the meantime, the reporter understands, 9 fastfood share 16 old names now, dish tastes every characteristic to will be gone up to silver coin by the coronal renown, add up to more than kinds 400. Name first draft to be finished by two members of old Beijing fastfood association, guard a pass to just can publish serving sheet through the expert even subsequently.

The interpreter swims the young lady says, much is fastfood it is to use phoneticize to replace directly, and cheese of raw like the fascia of cheese the Kingdom of Wei ingredient, OK and direct interpret becomes “yoghurt” , explain separately no longer (see a table) .

It is reported, 9 fastfood in more than kinds of 400 fastfood final foreign famous general is announced in the end of this month.

The part is fastfood translated term

Fastfood English name explains

Douzhi(r Fermented Beandrink) of a fermented drink made from ground beans ferments gram the drink that makes

Of the curd record that Tofunao(Jellied Beancurd) of jellied bean curd makes with bean curd

Lvdagun (Glutinous Rice Rolls With Sweet Beanflour of a form of usury in the old society) the polished glutinous rice with ripe evaporate is wrapped on bean flour pink
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