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Translation of the former Soviet Embassy "the Soviet high-level meetings liter

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Book Information】 【 Title: "literal translation in the Soviet high-level meeting" Of: Guda Shou (Russian) oral Zheng Shaofeng write Publisher: Contemporary China Publishing House Price: 28.00 yuan Publication date: December 2010 【Introduction】 This book former Soviet Union, a senior diplomat, scholar 古达舍夫里萨特 Sarah Nanjing Norwich (Chinese name: Gu Dashou) memoirs. He was 50 in the early 20th century to the early 70s, as the Soviet Foreign Ministry special envoy in China for 12 years before, from the ordinary interpreters had been to the Soviet Union in the chief translator of the Chinese Embassy, has witnessed the establishment of new China in the early to the "Cultural Revolution" During China's economic construction, political campaigns, the evolution history of Sino-Soviet relations situation, as many senior Communist leader Mao Zedong, Liu Shaoqi, Zhou Enlai, Deng Xiaoping, is equivalent to the Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev, Kosygin, Mikoyan and other major meetings of the translation, Some of the historical events which took place were described objectively, and for the first time disclosed the leaders of the former Soviet Union and China as well as major high-level meetings in the back of some little-known historical events and anecdotes of insider anecdotes. 【Introduction】 Author >>> Guda Shou: former Soviet Union, a senior diplomat, scholar. Since the 1954-1973 year, long engaged in diplomatic activities. Former Soviet Union General Secretary in Tianjin, chief interpreter of the Soviet Embassy, First Secretary, Political Counsellor, party secretary and other staff. 1977-1985, the former Soviet Union, the United Nations Chief Minister Counsellor Permanent Representative; 1985-1990, worked in the CPSU Central Organization Department, International Department, Bureau of Foreign Affairs office. >>> Zheng Shaofeng: Lanzhou University in 1979, admitted to the Department of Foreign Languages Russian professional; in 1989 the Soviet Union admitted to the Graduate School of Jilin University Institute, majoring in contemporary Russian literature, a Master of Arts in 1992. Engaged and Eastern Europe, Russia's foreign trade. In 2004, he became assistant general manager of Jiangsu Sea Lion Machinery Group. Has been appointed "the Chinese newspaper in Moscow", "Century Daily", "Evening Moscow" (Chinese) special correspondent, writer. Author of "Storm Days - the experience of an ordinary Chinese people."
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