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University of Western Sydney Australia to study translation of professional description University of Western Sydney is Australia's public universities, there are many advantages of professional, such as translation, nursing and education majors. University of Western Sydney and honor the history of professional translation: University of Western Sydney as early as 1984 opened a translation and interpretation degree courses, the course is the only one in Australia for over 20 years by NAATI accreditation of degree courses. Both the undergraduate level or graduate-level courses, graduate courses as long as the commission NATTI test scores more than 70 minutes to get direct access to translation or interpretation corresponding certificates. The University of Western Sydney commissioned training courses in the NAATI (Accreditation Study) has always maintained a pass rate of 70% or more. University of Western Sydney MTI students each year about 200 people, but it can not just Chinese students, 200; the translation of Western Sydney, opened a total of six master a foreign language translation, in addition to Chinese, it also includes: Japanese, Spanish, Arabic, French , Turkish and so on. Teachers: Here, I introduce my teacher taught a few: Sandra: She is the translation of Western Sydney, Master of the Study Coordinator (study coordinator). She is Spanish, is the Legal Interpreting the lecturer. Sandra, but a very a "background" of the teacher: I remember one year the World Congress held in Australia, Sandra is the President of the General Assembly; Spain, when the Prince's visit to China, Sandra was accompanied translate it! Raymond: I would like to mention the teacher, who did his students would frown is not it. Raymond is an old man in Lebanon, is a very strict teacher, he taught "Interpreting and Translation Theory" is also a school of professional translation had the highest rate in the Fail. So, ah, talk about "Raymond" pale, for many students in Western Sydney is the translation is not excessive. Come to talk about several of our lovely Chinese teacher in the English translation, of course ---- to have Chinese teacher! ! Kenny WANG: Legal Interpreting my mentor, was a small child from Taiwan. Although he has little stature, very young, he is in Sydney "Detention Centre" full-time translation yet. In fact, the Legal Interpreting is very hard to learn, we are generally "very happy classroom, dejected out of the classroom." In general, however, Kenny is still very Nice, and who have not heard of this course on Fail. I read in the Western Sydney when he was studying for a PhD Linguistics, should now get a Ph.D. in it, wish him good luck! Guo Weixiong: a very amiable, very serious work "40 after" old man of Hong Kong. He mainly teaches "Community Translation" and "Specialist Translation". Which a lot of students want to learn if the translation of theoretical knowledge, and would like to regard a career in translation, then the class will vote for him right. HAN Jing: I NATTI mentor. A knowledgeable, solid translation skills really impressed the students use their own charm teacher. She is a teacher of Western Sydney, is NATTI the Examiner, is Australia's official television station in English translation; 2008, she was held in Shanghai on the World Congress has been doing a lot of translation scholars Lecture resonance. Many students said the teacher's class listening to HAN Jing you simply can not "take God" because it is so wonderful. Materials: We all know that the teaching materials used by overseas universities are original and very expensive. Translation of Western Sydney, teacher professional materials are generally made of "Lecture Notes", the students do not need to spend money to buy. But the study used a translation of important materials "In other Words" is still very worth buying. This textbook is "Interpreting and Translation Theory" of the Text Book, you can buy in China, called "In other words"; said to have wide outside the bookstore to buy. Buy China are Chinese, can help you to understand. Internship: University of Western Sydney professional translation to practical and famous. Among the required courses, specially arranged internships --- "Practicum". Internship arranged by the school organization, to provide internship opportunities to students, so that we apply what they learn. Training institutions to the Chinese students are generally the Chinese version of the newspaper, real estate agents, agencies, and some Chinese students in Australian institutions. Employment: Translation has always been very good employment prospects, especially interpreters. We know that "simultaneous" known as one of the most scarce talent. University of Western Sydney also recently opened a Master of Conference Interpreting, the professional, who has three adopted NATTI interpretation, like in a large meeting area with the development of mass transfer and delivery to provide learning opportunities for students. In Australia, if it is translated by the NATTI graduate and three-level translation test, as there are good opportunities. Like the Australian government agencies and large companies hire only a translation of the certificate III NAATI translator. There are also studying institutions and property companies also provide a lot of translation jobs. Of course, the last can find the ideal job is depends on the student's own ability.
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