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The interpreter serves as a technology, it is human communication thought, contact feeling, communicate information, technology, culture, the indispensable agency of stimulative understand one another. From the point of the angle of technical trade, the interpreter is attached most importance to especially should. So, what standard should interpreter technology trade follow? How the connotation with textual have a thorough grasp, how to realize normative technical trade expression? How to prevent literal accident? Choosing Ou Debao to translate is your good choice.

Commerce interpreter, commerce translates company flow
Project manager (Project Manager)
Interpreter (Translation)
Editor (Editing)
Proofread (Profreading)
Quality is controlled (Quality Assurance)
Test engineer (Test Engineering)
Commerce translates technical service
One, Technical Division matchs the computer with advanced stock to handle equipment, network of quarter collection machine, broadband receives much stage scanner, printer, CD, the company has independent server, each banner technology ensures processing of all file systematization and global synchronism are transmitted.
2, all of global much phylum assures to offer documentation of Han Yitai electron to translate. Windows series all sorts of operation platform, the adroitness of Office series software is applied. The software cartography composing such as Photoshop, Freehand, Framemaker, Pagemaker, Acrobat, CorelDarw reachs a design, sufficient contented client is right manuscript the requirement of all sorts of formats.

3, in exploring newest technical achievement to apply Han Yitai to translate ceaselessly, raise Han Yitai to translate quality and efficiency thereby.
4, translation software TRADOS (Team Version) the government that produces Chinese interpret adequately and analytic ability.

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