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Interpreter of the sources of energy

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The dedicated domain of company business: The sources of energy, finance, the sources of energy, law, the sources of energy, mechanical, the sources of energy, oil. My company is having the culture that is different from other enterprise and harmonious human concern, assemble the professional interpreter talent such as the senior engineer of hundreds name, each major of foreign and advanced interpret careful, their language strength is solid, professional technology is powerful, seasoned. Because this can carry on completely professional strong, difficulty the big, interpreter business that having higher level demand, make the high level that translates an industry with all one's strength.
At present in interpret is daily a few big commonly used languages if English interpreter, Japanese interpreter, Han Yu, German, French, Italian translates professional personage by what the company hires especially (this language is mother tongue) interpret careful, and school draft work is complete overseas is finished, the China and foreign countries that offers complete mother tongue to change a color for you, outside outside each other interpret serves. Accept manuscript, project to analyse the quality that stalks of grain to school of interpret careful, expert from customer service ministry, we have a strict quality hierarchy of control, standardization operation, the interpreter that provides high level for the client serves.

The sources of energy translates company flow
Project manager (Project Manager)
Interpreter (Translation)
Editor (Editing)
Proofread (Profreading)
Quality is controlled (Quality Assurance)
Test engineer (Test Engineering)

The sources of energy translates technical service
One, Technical Division matchs the computer with advanced stock to handle equipment, network of quarter collection machine, broadband receives much stage scanner, printer, CD, the company has independent server, each banner technology ensures processing of all file systematization and global synchronism are transmitted.
2, all of global much phylum assures to offer documentation of Han Yitai electron to translate. Windows series all sorts of operation platform, the adroitness of Office series software is applied. The software cartography composing such as Photoshop, Freehand, Framemaker, Pagemaker, Acrobat, CorelDarw reachs a design, sufficient contented client is right manuscript the requirement of all sorts of formats.
3, in exploring newest technical achievement to apply Han Yitai to translate ceaselessly, raise Han Yitai to translate quality and efficiency thereby.
4, translation software TRADOS (Team Version) develop Han Yitai adequately to translate project management and analytic ability.

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