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Personnel of interpret of flip of Ou Debao boat is graduated from domestic and international famous college mostly, there is rich interpreter experience in domain of boat flip interpret. The personnel of interpret of all boat flip of the company passes strict test, interpret of most boat flip has go abroad to study abroad or work experience, and provide good aviation to translate ability. The member that I manage project of boat flip interpret is comprised is right industry development, professional term have development hold, our your kind effort offers quality for every client the aviation interpreter with highest, the rapiddest rate and this locality change a service. Those who rely on strict quality hierarchy of control, standardization run flow and level of distinctive examine and verify the mechanical interpreter that we already were each organization, orgnaization, global company to provide high level, signed long-term cooperation agreement.

Aviation translates flow
Project manager (Project Manager)
Interpreter (Translation)
Editor (Editing)
Proofread (Profreading)
Quality is controlled (Quality Assurance)
Test engineer (Test Engineering)
DTP&QC aviation translates quality to control
The quality of boat flip interpret controls me company aviation interpreter has rich industry experience. All language expert comes from target country entirely, say mother tongue and perfectness computer.
Ou Debao's interpreter has perfect quality system, begin to hand in draft whole process to have the overall control of quality from what win project of boat flip interpret, accomplish efficient, fast.
The professional fractionize that translates a project to aviation is us those who assure to translate quality is important one pace
Analyse each requirement, unite a terminology, decide language color, translation format asks.
Establish a certain number of interpreter groups, from first draft complete all draft, from proofread final version of final examine and verify, even the nuance between the vocabulary also do one's best is accurate.

Technology of boat flip interpret serves one, Technical Division matchs the computer with advanced stock to handle equipment, network of quarter collection machine, broadband receives much stage scanner, printer, CD, the company has independent server, each banner technology ensures processing of all file systematization and global synchronism are transmitted.
2, all of global much phylum assures to offer documentation of Han Yitai electron to translate. Windows series all sorts of operation platform, the adroitness of Office series software is applied. The software cartography composing such as Photoshop, Freehand, Framemaker, Pagemaker, Acrobat, CorelDarw reachs a design, sufficient contented client is right manuscript the requirement of all sorts of formats.
3, in exploring newest technical achievement to apply Han Yitai to translate ceaselessly, raise Han Yitai to translate quality and efficiency thereby.
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