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Serves field and interpreter form are diversiform:

Average data translates: File of business affairs, law, company introduction and equipment installation, debug, invite public bidding of product specification, large project, large facility product line; Market investigation report, finance and economics is analysed.

Technical documentation translates: Documentation of all sorts of manual interpreters, technology is translated. Need strict term consistency and concise and clear interpreter color. The requirement of all sorts of file formats and picture are handled.

Professional limits includes:
Interpreter of interpreter of interpreter of mechanical interpreter, electron interpreter, communication interpreter, aviation interpreter, medicine interpreter, wholesome interpreter, medical apparatus and instruments, chemical industry interpreter, oil interpreter, the sources of energy, environmental protection interpreter, steely interpreter, metallurgy interpreter, biology interpreter, building interpreter, building materials, car.

Formal diversity: Table of article of commercial letter layout casts annual report of company of forms for reporting statistics of trade of bookseller of invite public bidding to groom analysis of finance and economics of manual of user of specification of product of brief introduction of company of contract of business affairs of standard of technology of data technology file

The accountant reports literature of data of industrial and commercial government going abroad is artistic
And laws and regulations of law of offical documents of contract rules government runs formulary announcement message
Provision of trade provision company proves material goes abroad study abroad resume of material of notarization of report international driver's license
Registered permanent residence of invitation letter of a power of attorney this waiting for

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