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Multimedia this locality is changed

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The course that multimedia this locality changes includes to be made from the interpreter of screen text and dub text, recording and later period, arrive again of end item compositive, it is a more complex process.
Interpret has comprehensive multimedia interpreter, this locality to turn relevant equipment in, the multimedia service that we precede from resource library or home chooses well-trained professional in the orgnaization. We accumulate rich multilingual recording experience, we deploy the in-house acoustics with adept technology and recording engineer, apply in order to ensure multimedia this locality changes the accurate reality of the project.

Interpret multimedia interpreter, this locality changes central antonym sound to have overall control in. Our seasoned engineer assured the recording of top quality. We still use the tool of other, wait like Pro Tools 24, Pro Tools Tools5, Yamaha O2R and Sonic Solutions USP. Besides recording, we offer multichannel to mix sound, comprehensive later period to make, SFX is founded, rehabilitate of giant sound warehouse, sound. And, we still provide video editor and caption service.

My company can be on DAT, frequency or data CD or the commonnest computer medium the multimedia information that saves you. Can provide the digital frequency that did not compress a format all and commonly or reduces a format, video, still can pass email, FTP to wait directly to file of your consign electron.

Interpret multimedia this locality changes the multimedia this locality that the center often can offer to change a service in:
Go up to undertake to speech and commentary transcribe is mixed in DAT, Beta SP or hard disk mix sound
Later period of frequency, video is made
The digitlization of frequency, video
Dub dub
Speech this locality changes a service
Multimedia class this locality is changed
Company and AV demonstrate manuscript video tape
Phone and other computer kind speech clew of the system
Phonic reader
Educational recreation
Frequency and data CD-ROM

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