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On December 15, 2007, translate teaching material of Master major degree to build a seminar to be held in Nanjing by foreign language education and the whole nation that study the press is sponsorred.

Design medium MTI series teaching material, by 23 experts composition is made up appoint meeting, how Shen, Xu Jun, Zhong Wei adds up to 3 professors to hold the position of total chief editor, 21 expert composition that come from countrywide college are made up appoint. Attend the meeting make up appoint, the expert thinks: MTI talent education should be united in wedlock with social demand bearing, outstanding application, specialization, characteristic of high administrative levels, education should emphasize particularly on language application ability, skilled interpreter skill and broad intellectual range, education content should stress real operation ability, quality of theory of give attention to two or morethings. Xie Tianzhen, Chai Ming 熲 , He Gang strong, Wang Hong imprints, Jiang Qiuxia, Fu Yong forest, Chen Hongwei, Li Li, Hu Xianyao, Mu Lei, .

The conference leaves compactly, deal with concrete matters relating to work, efficient, obtained satisfactory positive result. Representing express in succession, MTI is unprecedented new thing, need ceaseless exploration, accumulate experience. Teaching material is written is the important one link in MTI education, to reflect MTI education outline and the concept that course installs, each expert will try hard actively, finish teaching material satisfactorily to write the task.
(data sources: China translates association)

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