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Basic course of the interpreter

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The interpreter's process can be divided for understanding and expression two large stage. These two phase not only perforative overall situation, namely the thinking activity process of whole interpreter [1] , and, more important is, these two phase actually perforative the interpreter thinking process at each sentence.

Lin Yutang is in " by the interpreter " (1933) middle finger gives “ interpreter to go up clear and coherent problem, be like namely why thought interpret of West enters native written language. But the psychology that we must feel clear and coherent problem and this common write a composition needs with sentence for standard, if translation is begged clear and coherent also need with sentence interpret is standard. The psychological program that common writes a composition, need the and rather than that is an analysis is combined, first total meaning breaks up after that those who be is departmental, blame have fragmentary demit word first, from this demit word forms total content in the future; If translation is begged amount to clear and coherent purpose, also need with sentence justice for first, after word justice is. This is alleged sentence the analysis says (former Yuwende family name Wundt) , prove very easily by everyone experience. The person with every clear and coherent make an issue of, when style or manner of writing not of begin to write or paint first, the meaning that surely first one wants to say is in psychology, namely alleged total image (Total Concept) , the heart knows his place desire character, till existing writings of begin to write or paint when, the grammar that must drill according to be used to next one word writes one word come out, be not definitely first by each the meaning of the word piles up sentence, next bright its place desire Yan Zhiquan sentence meaning. ” (Lin Yutang, 1933)

Above is discussed announce piece, certain collective part exists between interpreter and writing both, it is “ calm meaning actually at the pen, ” of pen collect existing writings (Chinese language of · Wang Chong) . Lin Yutang still points out the differ person of “ translation and composition, namely original idea blame is sent from translator heart in, and the author that stems from article of one use foreign country, express with native written language with same idea at translator desire like that, its heart behoove and style or manner of writing are identical ” . “ article with meaning give priority to, demit with express the idea just ” (gold language of · Zhao grasping article) , this is the requirement of style or manner of writing. The “ meaning ” of here points to the thought content of the article namely, “ demit ” namely language form. Change character, there is a translator to use the process that target language composes in the interpreter's process, just the language form that textual author and translator use when conveying same idea content differs.
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