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By new-style interpreter the compose of education mode is built

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Current, increasing to diplomatic shedding, the range of communication is wider and wider also. Accordingly, the society is greater and greater to translating the talent's demand, the demand is higher and higher also. However, the interpreter education current situation of the major of college foreign language that regards education interpreter talent as important way how? “ translates teaching method at present, accomplish ‘ to give a person truly with fishing is not to give a person with piscine ’ do not see more. The interpreter education of ” ① China still is in traditional teaching mode, namely “ gives a person with wandering in piscine ” . The expert points out: &The interpreter education of Ldquo; current institution of higher learing and buccal written translation translate the talent's education, it is not to follow to go up of our country society and development demand. ” ② because of this, interpreter education must go from inside traditional pattern as soon as possible, according to times and the characteristic that the society develops, be discussed actively and try new education pattern.

1.“ is the education mode of this ” with the person

With traditional interpreter education mode is a center with the teacher contrary, this mode emphasizes translating education to be a center with the student. In traditional interpreter education, teacher the baby-sitter as showing consideration for in a subtle way, engraft to the student translate knowledge more as far as possible, so that the student is taken,reserve into practice. The student resembles is the clothes will stretch one's hand, the meal comes the child of dehisce, complete by park the position that a kind of passivity accepts. The changeover of part of teachers and students of education mode requirement that “ is this ” with the person, religion with learn ideal change. Below this one mode, pedagogic part is given priority to with the person that appear with the peddler of interpreter knowledge no longer, teach ” to turn into from “ however “ guides ” . The person that the student is accepted by original passivity, change is active participator, make the principal part that intellectual inquirer and meaning compose build, become intellectual host, is not intellectual slave. To the student, traditional pattern is pedagogic “ wants me to learn ” , and the mode that “ is this ” with the person is “ I should learn ” . Some interpreter teachers had done a test, to English major professor of high grade undergraduate students translates class hour, below the circumstance that does not teach any interpreter skill, let a student do interpreter exercise. Result proof, only essay translates practice, the place on traditional schoolbook is enumerated interpreter skill, student almost all is self-taught, and apply freely. This showed ③ adequately the huge action of student subjective activity. Cognitive theory thinks, the “ that education is not knowledge delivers ” , however the student's active and active “ obtains ” . The teacher should create good study condition and environment for the student, arouse study motive of the student, offer sound study strategy, advance the student's study thereby. ④ above analysis is visible, no matter the education mode that “ is this ” with the person is reasonable go up or talking is feasible on practice.
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