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Spanish exam brief introduction

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Language exam basically divides the exam that is home on the west (4 class mix university spanish major 8 class) the exam with abroad

(Spanish DELE) these two kinds.

On the west language only 4 and only 8 it is to be the student of language major prepares on the west, cannot the society enters oneself for an examination. Only the difficulty of 4, to north

Mix outside for this kind student outside going up, cole dishful, basically be in big 2 semester are taken an examination of, whole class is passed

, but allegedly also some average colleges, when graduation, whole class cannot cross a few. The person that carry can be taken an examination of only 8, general

It is big 4 one's deceased father, percent of pass is very tall also inside key university. Take an exam to these two, can buy calendar year to take an examination of examination questions

This book, not only so different explained.

Social examinee can take an examination of DELE only, of DELE primary, allegedly very simple, arrive simply: If you obtain this letter

Go out to apply for a job, everybody is met jest you, still be inferior to be not being taken, honest too primary. Of DELE intermediate also not be very

Difficult, be equivalent to basically only 4, just emphasize particularly on the point is different. Of DELE advanced, everyman did not consider, according to

Say the undergraduate students with general Spain is not taken an examination of, because inside have a lot of histories, geographical, humanitarian knowledge, gigantic difficult,

On the concept, the TOFEL of DELE and English, IELTS is similar, but on action different. If you prepare to be in on the west class

The tooth develops or the following development and Spain have very big concern, it is quite useful that that studies this evidence. If after you

Preparation develops in home, the relation with Spain is not particularly big, perhaps prepare to go to Latin America developing later, that is OK

Do not take an examination of, pull good and multilateral home not to identify this evidence, if you prepare to go to Mexico,study abroad for instance, that wants to be able to say only on the west

Language, and those who say is pretty good went, not necessary show a DELE evidence again. Domestic unit also is not very requirement, as long as

You on the west language those who say is good became, be being returned now even is not special requirement on the west language 4 class card.

The place before no less than says, dele is to be equivalent to Tofel, 2 grader suggest the newspaper is intermediate commonly now, namely

" contemporary spanish " the 3rd level to 4. Be opposite commonly in unit of choose and employ persons only 4, only the achievement of 8
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