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Chinese record of formal schooling introduces in attestation circumstance of Ger

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Be in in the difference that eductional systme respect exists not only in system of higher education of heart two countries, and the difference of existence degree respect. German college degree sets Master and doctor only at present two class, among them the Master can divide Magister again as degree of the first degree (society and the humanities major) with Diploma (project technology, science and economics major) two kinds; In addition, the major such as jurisprudential, materia medica still has the country that comparatives with master's degree grade to take an exam (Staatsexamen) wait for record of formal schooling; Master's degree is divided again on study phase for Master early days (Vordiplom) or fundamental study (Grundstudium) with Master later period (Hauptdiplom) or main subject study (Haupt-studium) two phase.

According to the regulation, the student takes an exam through Master early days only (the person that assiduously study Magister degree should pass metaphase exam Zwischenprufung) later ability enters phase of Master later period to learn Germany active degree system decided the student obtains degree of the first degree to need longer time; Begin from 1998, german college will undertake a series of reform, include to conform in degree system respect and international among them; For example, will introduce the degree that passes through in a lot of countries - master's degree (Bachelor-undMastergrade) make, with superseding current German article, put in order master's degree is made.

As a result of in of the difference that college of heart two countries exists on the school education fixed number of year before enter a school and college degree order and degree abhorrent, specific to the record of formal schooling of Chinese student how the corresponding record of formal schooling that conversion becomes German college, do not have uniform standard at present, the each college overall assessment to Chinese undergraduate record of formal schooling mirrors Germany on the provision of enter a school that concern:

One, the college student to low grade, should join department of German university provision first according to the requirement (Studienkolleg) the complete a course that learn and joins preliminary department takes an exam - “ affirms exam ” (Prufung ZurFeststellung Der Eignung Ausland IscherStudienbewe Rber Fur Die Aufnahme Eines Studiums An Hochschulen Der Bundesr EpublikDeutschland, abbreviation Feststellungsprufung) , achievement eligible ability gains competence of German college enter a school;

2, the college student of high grade or college graduate should pass “ foreign country to learn ” of exam of German of applicant college enter a school only (Deutsche Sprachprufune Fur DenHoc Hschulzugang Auslandischer Studienbewerber, DSH) can gain competence of enter a school.

Be aimed at the record of formal schooling with Chinese different applicant, the each college scientific, research according to be in a city severally reachs Germany the foreign country that the regulation of artistic ministry agrees to be set in Bonn teachs a center (Zentralstelle Fur Aus LandischesBildungwesen) the proposal makes corresponding decision, its differentiate basically the principle is: Chinese university 2 grade and the student under 2 grade must preliminary ministry learns the university of preexistence Germany, specific specification sees German learning communicates a center (Deutscher Akademischer Austausc Hdienst, DAAD) of offerred shallow yellow cover " guideline of foreign study applicant " ("Hinweis E Fur Auslandische Studienbewerber, der Zugang Zum Fachstudium-a N Denwissenschaftlichen Hochschulen In Der Bundesrepublik Deuts Chland-uber DieStudienkollegs Fur Auslandische Studierende" )
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