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Subway translator repeated

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Xiao Feng Guangzhou recently returned from New Zealand to visit relatives, take the subway in Guangzhou staged a return to "poles apart."

Xiao Feng (a pseudonym) can speak Chinese but did not read Chinese characters, their loved ones in English address, agreed in the "xiaogang" metro station to pick him up. Xiao Feng is how the station could not find each other after.

Had relatives in the 2nd line this time, "Xiao Gang" metro station access, but Xiao Feng is No. 8 Line "Xiaogang (Forum News)" stop the car, Xiao Gang Xiao Gang difference with 14 points.

Yesterday, the reporter visited the relevant sites, Xiao Gang and Xiao Gang is indeed a translation of duplication, in addition to the middle of Qianzheyiming more a bar than the latter, the letters spell the same.

The Corporation said that as the subway station were a direct translation from the Chinese Pinyin, Xiao Gang and Xiaogang different tones in Chinese pronunciation, but the same spelling, resulting in duplication of translation. Staff said that a number of stops involved, change the station name, then will spend a lot of manpower and material resources.

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