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ZhongGuanCun is strange lack the software talented person that knows a foreign l

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Can trends of technology of forward position of follow closely world and trend, master the software project standard that accords with international standard and technical standard, use an above foreign language adroitly, have good group efforts capacity, can participate in each administrative levels of international software development and competition, accord with these standards " internationalization software talent " aux will be able to is in ZhongGuanCun quite " native land " education.

Export the strategy to plan external according to Beijing software, today bright will give aid to two years energetically, key development is exported to day software, standard of project of familiar Japan software and master Japanese software to develop technological process, the to day software talent education that has taller Japanese level. For this, software institute and groom the center is on the education foundation of international software engineer, aim at government and business demand above all, the education that begins talented people of pair of day way software energetically works.   

Introduce according to Xie Yong of rector of assistant of institute of software of graduate school of Chinese Academy of Sciences, at present Japan is the whole world the 2nd old software is produced and consume a country, market turnover will be achieved 2004 10.6 billion, china already became the first selection partner of Japanese software company. Now, beijing has many 150 classics businesses of pair of the bag outside day software of double soft attestation, right " day type " the demand of software talent is controlled in 5000 people. And home masters standard of Japanese software project and understanding Japanese now the software handsome appearance of word culture is rare be short of, so, institute of software of graduate school of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences is long-range with continue to teach an institute to combined the enterprise such as ZhongGuanCun software park to hold water technically " develop base to day software " .

According to introducing, this project total educational system is 7 months, among them fundamental education, practice education 4 months, in " to day business " exercitation and actual combat train 3 months above, first education 40 people.

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