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8 class undergraduate cannot become English eligible interpreter

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"An English major the university of 8 class is graduate, syntactic structure mistake 100, think ' well-off ' namely ' rich ' ... " the expression of a college graduate that will before speaking of two days apply for interpreter position, a controller of Beijing that translates a company shakes his head continuously. Actually, the title of the exam is not very difficult -- a paragraph about " our country implements system of distribution according to work, allow and support one part person to carry honest work first rich rise " what 100 words control is medium interpret flower examination questions. Return some " May 4th movement of 1919 " medium " motion " metaphrase is " Sport " (namely athletic sports) , such jest also went out many.

"Because the Chinese base of translator is not strong, lexical change is little, the language is indigent, the thing language that the interpreter comes out is not clear and coherent. " education of bureau of Chinese foreign language grooms central director Wang Xin says, "Such translation, can say the Chinese looks not to understand really, the foreigner is not clear " . Education knocked the foreign language that the feedback of unit of choose and employ persons gives us to write down alarm bell. "Why does oneself mother tongue say so well? Because children study mother tongue is,go to school from behavior language namely rise, without grammar, without any regular limitation, once be brought up hind, teach slightly can say very fluently. And the study of the foreign language is from acknowledge linguistics rises, after the student mastered many vocabulary, grammar, string together a sentence to connect paragraph again. The language study that breaks away from canto is the reason with not pure law of the pragmatics outside causing. " Wang Xin says.

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