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English interpreter inscribes answer all kinds of strange things to reveal the c

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Yesterday, pensile at opening of Nanjing new market giant English translates examination questions (10 days of Ceng Yu report our newspaper) had a result eventually. It is however in many 2000 answer of be recruited, the person that accord with a standard is rare. A few commissioners sigh with emotion: A very common interpreter is inscribed, beat however so much English " ace " , this enough exposes a nowadays English education and English inadequacy.

This giant translation problem is textual be " I Would Not Be Surprised If He ' S Stopped Off At The Pub On The Way Home " , right answer is " if on the way home he does not go,bistro just is blamed " . Of this activity sponsor square Yameilijia to carry out president Wu Jingyan to say, the title is not very difficult it seems that, but blended in speech, dialect, language a lot of element such as setting of basic knowledge, life and thinking means, want accurate interpreter to come out to be not easy thing.

As expected as expected, after the title appears, everyday many citizens dial a phone to offer the solution, there is no lack of among them college teachers and students, some still has English certificate of 6 class, 8 class. But their interpreter it may be said makes many ridiculous mistakes. Somebody is translated into " I am to won't surprised, if he is in the road that come home,went to a club " ; Most person metaphrase: If he is in,small public house went in the road that come home, I won't surprised, the meaning is basic and true, but expression is obscure, do not reach the designated position; Still flat interpret becomes some people " the person that falls in love with not to come home " , go with original idea photograph very far. A few college English experts say frankly, present English teachs the knowledge that still stays in the language to teach level, adverse to increasing economic capacity of English. Wu Jingyan thinks to should be advocated with " use " the most immediate goal that is education, namely a few it is so in classroom, the English study of the mechanical memorizing on book is put in daily life setting.

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