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Happy days of 7 days- - the diary following a line that Thailand cane team trans

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On September 27 on Monday fine

Ball of vogue of the 3rd international kind invitational tournament of international of contest cane ball comes to was held in power sea on October 3 on September 28, before I follow an interpreter as Thailand team, go to receive machine.

Plane chronic ground behind schedule, I sit in await there is bit of flurried ground to awaiting again anxiously in machine hall: Thai... long what appearance? Meet for the first time otherwise should extend hand handclasp first... we can not give if the interpreter is bad humiliating ah...
Access door was opened, I jump to develop a doorway at a draught, receive machine card firm quietly to lift before the bosom, the eye moves back and forth in crowd of of all kinds. See with a smile on one's face of a small fat old man only the ground trots all the way come over, a pair of gilt-edged and dark brown glasses obscured half pieces of face, he waves to me at the same time, exert all his strength at the same time the mark of Bai Xiangyu annulus that before pointing to a bosom, adorns. Oh, this is gentleman of accept of contest of Thailand group leader of a group.

On September 28 Tuesday fine

This is me probably spend most blazing the Mid-autumn Festival, although do not have reunion coming home, the girls of group of Dan Hetai nation spent a happy night together, still depend on with female coach Nuo in the evening together!

Eat dinner, I accompany Thailand team went to a supermarket. They are opposite it seems that jasmine flower tea is special have fun at, bought a lot of, saying is to should send relatives and friends. Come to the moon cake area that poll assemble uses, their agitato is pointing to sweet and inviting moon cake to say, those who follow Thailand is same! Still tell me Thailand has a lot of Chinese, they also cross the Mid-autumn Festival. Have a bit only regrettablly bad: Moon cake is too expensive... we turned for ages in the supermarket, bought many things. Because the schoolgirl is completely in the team, so snacks occupied most. The small Nuo Mu that comes round along with the team is home of the leader of a sports team that surpass accept alone child, nature is very suffer bestow favor on, 8 years old still bought a feeder to drink a milk!

On September 29 on Wednesday fine

Have a meal together with them every time I am very strange: Athlete physical strength is used up so big, should eat not less, but they follow,every eat little only suddenly like the kitten, whole group is surrounded sit in desk edge, chat over have a meal, only my person eats spicily!

Before 9 days ask the opinion to meal, they always still are polite formula of very polite ground: OK, OK. The 3rd day is not boiled probably, mention KAI JIAO with me, one sort seems the Thailand course of egg cake, after panbroiling, mix on ketchup and soy and rice eat together. My understand tacitly, baded according to appearance kitchen. After 5 minutes, the KAI JIAO with one golden grail came up with respect to end. "Bang " one, their all stood, did not have completely a moment ago missish, see the chopstick breaks up only immediately fly, return be mingled with to wear hurrah and the thumb that have to my vertical stroke again and again. See them eat so gladly, I also tried to taste, the egg dips in on ketchup, very strange flavour... calculated, the Yangzhou that eats me darlingly still fries a meal!
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