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Applicant of 5000 January firewood is very few

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Limited company of chemistry of 3 water chestnut opens the Ning Bo that total investment amounts to 320 million dollar a 5000 January firewood, face peaceful wave invite applications for a job the human affairs section chief of perfectness Japanese, financial section chief and purchase personnel, a many month comes applicant is very few; Some day endowment business leaves the urban district Japanese of 6000 yuan of invite applications for a job translates a monthly pay, numerous applicant is less than 2 months to because cannot be competent,resign...
Advanced Japanese interpreter searchs hard to already was become Ning Bo is numerous of day endowment enterprise " anxiety " . Chief of market of qualified personnel of peaceful wave city tells a reporter, development of peaceful wave economy is rapid in recent years, a lot of already was in the day of peaceful wave settle endowment the enterprise is added in succession endowment extend, new day endowment the enterprise is introduced ceaselessly again, japanese translates a talent to already presented the situation that demand exceeds supply.
The talent of advanced Japanese interpreter that stands in pyramid needle is hot. Concerned personage thinks, one has a good command of already business knows government again, negotiate in business affairs on the Japanese talent of can accurate interpreter, company of on 10 thousand monthly pay is willing to go out. Mr Zhang that in Yin state division some day endowment company works, because the technology is excellent with perfectness Japanese, base salary of every months exceeds 7000 yuan, add share out bonus, lunar income evens more 10 thousand yuan.
Current " be in short supply " basically be structural sex shortage. The reporter understands, common Japanese is translated in Ning Bo and many, peaceful wave person is met of Japanese very much also, but can senior talented person belongs to the Japanese that ground of do a familiar work with ease makes an interpreter in Wu of business affairs, meeting however rare. It is reported, from 2002 up to now, whole town passes what certificate of Japanese oral interpretation takes an exam to have 9 people only.

Japanese is advanced interpreter talent is in short supply, basically have 3 reasons. Come from the information of center of exam of qualified personnel of peaceful wave city, ning Bo translates a talent to Japanese groom start later, reserve of talent of advanced Japanese interpreter is not much; Graduate of major of numerous college Japanese is in when involving meeting Wu, business affairs to negotiate, because experience, qualifications and record of service reachs a level short of requirement, enterprise would rather seek far and neglect what lies close at hand goes to Shanghai and other places invites skilled interpreter, make place translates the opportunity that lacks practice; In addition, foster an advanced Japanese to translate talent at least to want time 10 years.

Japanese of class of peaceful wave height translates the talent's in short supply circumstance to already caused concerned branch take seriously. In recent years, peaceful wave city was started " talent of trade of 10 thousand classics grooms " project, among them advanced Japanese interpreter grooms the content with be labelled serious. Groom technically lingustic school has the love of peaceful wave city that Japanese translates every year Japanese of study of nearly 500 people signing up, the school adopts aggrandizement training and practice, raise the interpreter level of student ceaselessly, a lot of student already were met in be in harmony of short for Zhejiang Province etc great the interpreter with was assumed important in the economic and trade activity external works.
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