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Japanese talent obtain employment and development foreground are dialytic

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Institute of Dalian foreign language is a foreign language university of northeast area only, the Japanese institute of this school is called by foundation of Japan border communication " base of the oldest Japanese teacher and student besides Japanese mainland, research " . Vice secretary of general Party branch of institute of Japanese of institute of Dalian foreign language, Mr. Yu Gongli that is in charge of student job and big the Su Ke of obtain employment of undergraduate students of the political counsellor of 4 grade, officer can the obtain employment situation that the teacher was us to introduce Japanese talent and.

Japanese talent, the warm current in obtain employment cold winter

Our country begins to execute undergraduate students enlarge to enrol policy from 1999, and the graduate 2003 is enlarge action is the following the first graduate. Now, obtain employment is difficult the problem that is widespread presence, but it is a bit a bit better that the obtain employment of graduate of Japanese talent undergraduate course wants, and graduate student market is bigger, the opportunity is more also. Institute of Japanese of institute of Dalian foreign language, undergraduate course is graduate this year 400 more than person, the number is the 2 times above of in former years, but the sheer quantity of the unit of choose and employ persons that comes to the school still is some more than in former years. Had signed now make an appointment with have 150 people left and right sides, and it is a bit good that monthly pay wants the graduate at other major, average 2000 yuan or so. Added this year's graduates that takes an examination of grinding classmate to be able to have an in part about to have whereaboutldirection, the fellow student that leave goes abroad besides graduation hind, had had obtain employment intention. Hopeful estimation, the classmate of 90% above had assured source.

Japanese talent, where of obtain employment whereaboutldirection?

According to statistic, japanese talent is in the obtain employment scale of each industry: Day endowment enterprise occupies 50%-60% ; National office (include the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, various government, custom, outside stimulative association of classics trade office and trade) occupy 20% the left and right sides; Teacher lecturer and Japanese tourist guide are occupied each 10% the left and right sides.

1. March day of look forward to is very easy:

Day endowment enterprise is in southeast is coastal city, such as Dalian, Yantai, Qingdao, Suzhou, wait to have without stannum distributing, the development potential that will be in China henceforth is very great, a lot of classmates enter day of look forward to to regard as from

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