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Although Japan is a tiny area only, but in recent years as a result of economically strong, make the to Japanese talent demand on the market ceaseless increase, the interest good news of Japanese talent comes out again and again on the talent market in countrywide each district of late. Enthusiasm of people study Japanese also is not decreased continuously. Japanese often is inspected for small language. But be in Shanghai, japanese can not be small language however, as day endowment the addition that the enterprise is in Shanghai, shanghai learns the person of Japanese to had formed a very big group, take an examination of in Shanghai Japanese ability already the citizen is changed.

Field of Japanese talent spruce duty

Came two many years up to now 2002, japan is right China investment can say is the period that upsurges enthusiasticly, such height condition is the 3rd climax of China of Japanese business investment. According to Japan the newest statistic of comprehensive institute shows 3 water chestnut: Japan is in the investment company of Chinese each district at present amount, shanghai is occupied 25.5% , it is Jiangsu and Zhejiang next, delta of the Yangtse River becomes Japanese enterprise to invest first selection area of China. The manufacturing industry enterprise that 73.9% overseas of Japanese invest thinks China is most attractive invests a country, shanghai is the safest place in their heart. The day that was in Shanghai 2001 endowment the enterprise has 4600, at present day endowment enterprise with almost everyday speed is in growth. Subsequently and come, it is the to the talent demand on a lot of post. Day endowment enterprise and Euramerican company are different, controller of its high level is Japanese mostly, the ability that they communicate with Chinese is limited, a lot of essential won't Chinese, because this day endowment enterprise needs many Japanese interpreter, even if the demand that also has Japanese to average employee.
Apply for a job unchallenged to appearing for the student of Japanese major mostly. According to investigation, the graduate of every Japanese major can have opportunity of 4 choose job on average. Learn the student obtain employment of Japanese, can saying is " imperial daughter not anxious is married " . "It is easy to learn Japanese to be equal to apply for a job " made a special appearance. Be in in everybody have a headache when labour feel embarrassed is looked for, japanese talent still has the room that picks the job however.

The person that Shanghai Japanese tells well is absent a few, the person that has various letter is very much also, but HR of day look forward to still is to shout greatly lack a person, in their memory, what day look forward to needs truly is the personnel with technology, all perfectness language. Technical pass a barrier, what again the senior talented person of the gift of tongues becomes look forward to of order the day before yesterday is rare be short of article. Great system of quantities built the arrival of look forward to of day of course of study to spur the demand of advanced technology qualified personnel, but the talented person that reachs technical capacity is lacked however in day look forward to must the gift of tongues, same, the talent with trouble-free language often lacks technical background again. In addition, the Euramerican enterprise that is in Shanghai also is the one great place that inducts Japanese talent, they have client of a lot of days of look forward to, also need Japanese talented person.
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