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Japan develops speech to translate a mobile phone to predict to appeared on the

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International is online report: Although do not know the person of the foreign language to talk on the phone easily with the foreigner congee, 2007, the whole world has real time dialog the first times to translate functional mobile phone to will appear on the market in Japan.

According to " Japan produces classics news " report yesterday, the international of subordinate of province of Japanese post and telecommunications is most advanced communication institute (the research that ATR) devotes oneself to phone speech to translate all the time, this plan announces this newest research and development plans interpreter mobile phone on congress of the electronic information today and communication engineer society.

The research and development of mobile phone of new fund interpreter is centered at the each other interpret between Japanese and English, Chinese and Hanyu. Use automatic speech to translate a function, when the person that the mobile phone is used inward buy loudhailer talks when, interpreter mobile phone can not be in inside 10 seconds translate Japanese into Chinese and pass receive auditor.

Researcher is to be in fall the noise software, ability after including 1 million illustrative sentence and the translation software of 10 million word to come out is determined to develop interpreter mobile telephone. Automatic speech translation software will be built-in center of data of network of a computer, once the mobile phone dials net, can undertake communicating in real time translating. At present already company of a few large electrons rolls out miniature mobile phone to translate device, but be confined to average trip dialog. Interpreter mobile phone can undertake business affairs speaks.

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