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Gui Nabo can be badly in need of 3 kinds of people: M fights official of ? cont

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What Guangxi undertakes first is large internationally exposition -- China -- east alliance exposition will be held in Nanning at the beginning of November. Office of hall of human affairs of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region grows Li Kang to express when accepting a reporter to interview here, at present Guangxi is badly in need of advanced and professional interpreter, meeting exhibiting contact official, meeting to extend management person with ability 3 kinds of talents, hope can wide action global this kind of talent. Li Kang tells a reporter, of the tall, dimensions of this exposition level big unprecedented. This exposition is initiated by proposal of Wen Jiabao of premier of the State Council, get east 10 countries answer alliance actively of leader. This is the first when hold in China exposition that gives priority to a problem with free trade. This grand meeting will involve the talented person of square field surface, gap is the at present biggest is to be able to exhibit advanced and professional interpreter, meeting to exhibit contact official, meeting to extend management person with ability. It is in order to translate exemple, because lack experience, guangxi can have not undertaken the senior major of simultaneous interpretation translates a talent almost at present. For this, hall of Guangxi human affairs is started urgent groom plan. They already cooperated with university of university of Beijing foreign language, Guangzhou foreign language, open " advanced and professional interpreter grooms class " , at present already 29 English talents are accepting English advanced and professional interpreter grooms. Additionally talent of 20 outstanding interpreters will undertake at heading for Belgium this month skill and international translate an exercitation translating. Still 9 are not general language talent to undertake tutorial system foreign language groom in Guangxi nation institute. Groom in what can exhibit contact official respect, concerned respect already chose a 30 people to undertake contact Guan Liyi, integrated quality, skill and foreign language groom, the near future still will arrive to inspect an exercitation domestic and internationally, increase actual combat capacity. In addition, hall of municipal human affairs still sends bureau collaboration to hold with Hong Kong trade " China -- east alliance " exercitation of spot director staff grooms class, hope to learn Hong Kong 30 years do exhibit experience. Li Kang expresses, at present Guangxi is in wide action global elite, up to now, talent of put in storage of exposition talent library already reached 1125 people, already recommended a talent to exposition 453 people, enter interview the first round among them 77 people.

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