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Home translates market competition aggravate, price war makes translate quality

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Review China to translate the market, with respect to the interpreter of Guangzhou, Shanghai and Beijing company quoted price shows, northward value general interest keeps balance south. The small language price of Beijing has an advantage relatively, the language configuration of this foreign language school with Guangzhou and other places has particular concern. As the development of Chinese reforming and opening and development and the drawing near that enter a life, urgent leap of firm of each big city translation is much, bring about the near future to translate disorder of market price case, the price war of Guangzhou is most intense. Interpreter market demand is steady in have litre. Foreign capital enterprise still is interpreter market is the biggest buy the home.

The author investigates discovery recently, interpreter market continues to maintain this kind of disorder not to have the situation of the chapter, consequence will be unimaginable.

Main show is in:

The client is in apparently for the biggest beneficiary. Of Guangzhou some foreign enterprise purchase department chief to say, company the interpreter cost 2000 and compared 1998, reduced about the same in part. Current the situation looks, still have the possibility that continues to fall. Guangzhou translates the amount of the company to also go to many 20 of present from 3 growth 5 years ago. Choose grow in quantity, this is meddlesome. But the overall diminution of quality that translates a company. Some business affairs centers also change his appearance do an interpreter. " southern Metropolis Daily " go up to be ascended actually " the flower opens translation firm 20 thousand yuan to also can become rich " message.

Price war is pounded undoubtedly to firms of many old brand translation very big. Director of company of Beijing some translation says not without deep feeling ground, do an interpreter before, it is collect fees according to layout, need not say layout now, connect punctuation to also cannot calculate fund. The price falls year after year, card of quality one cannot say for sure! This manager calculated brushstroke debt with the author, collect fees according to layout before, every edition 150 yuan, divide interpret among them, change, outside school, careful, include to type, composing, print, bill and come to serve, the price is relatively reasonable, count according to actual word now, every edition 60 yuan, as a result the pay of every interpreter returns typist of be not a patch on. So, must reduce working measure, reduce cost. The interpreter's reaction has however cold have heat. But major interpreter thinks, interpreter price is high, the pay that they get is high also. Depreciate each other make they do not have enthusiasm, a lot of moment are dealt with finish sth, and the interpreter ought to have lowest price level. Their labor ought to get reasonable get one's own back. The author is in at this point problem consult interpret assist when the view, they express clearly, the management that translates the market does not follow to go up the measure of development, industrial and commercial ought to take seriously with branch of culture and education and can give guide.
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