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Walk out of the interpretress that come from farmhouse

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Company of food of vegetable of its door hall has Hangzhou a Japanese interpretress, be in not only Jing Jiang, there also is name quite in Xiao Shan even.

"Farmhouse daughter learns Japanese, become interpreter of civilian look forward to. " this itself is a rare thing, more what is more,the rather that she returns perfectness business management of enterprise. So this woman that is called Shen Yaping, it is after all what kind of " talented woman " !

Growing experience of Shen Yaping and common child child without how old difference, just be in in Jing Jiangchu after graduation, attend school starts foreign language school at Zhejiang carry on, major Japanese. Mug of 3 years, she made solid Japanese essential technique.

After foreign language school graduates, city of Shen Yaping inaugural Yu Hang company of food of vegetable of its door hall. She still is less than 20 years old in those days. At that time, its door hall is in market of this locality of base oneself upon while, foreign market of active open up. Very fast, the company drew foreign attention, especially day trade. The Shen Yaping that is graduated from Japanese major became the first person selected that Japanese translates naturally.

Before long, her job got the affirmation of day trade. But Shen Yaping thinks, oneself Japanese level still has not little difference with standard Japanese. She is the person with an ideal pursuit, hope organic meeting takes advanced courses to Japan, work with be competent better.

After two years, this dream came true, shen Yaping is far go to Japanese attend in a advanced studies to learn, the major that she chooses is " business affairs, business management " , shen Yaping learned to return 2002. In job of the first day, shen Yaping completed the brushstroke trade that Japanese client and company of its door hall negotiate satisfactorily.

"Good germinant, the half that is a success " , after homecoming " make a good beginning " gave Shen Yaping sufficient self-assurance. Be in next in the job, the management of the business management knowledge that she will learn in Japanese place and company of its door hall is illuminated actually relatively, on the foundation of achieve mastery through a comprehensive study of the subject, absorb foreign advanced experience, arranged specification of a business management of enterprise.

At the beginning of this year, the 3 pear city of good as Xiao Shanyou city comes the literary evening party that desolate and Xiao Shan held communication of friendly city culture to meet together, shen Yaping held compere concurrently to enter this activity as Japanese interpreter on invitation, her solid language strength, fluent language conveys ability, got of friend of China and foreign countries reputably.

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