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Yearly salary amounts to 4489 yuan, magical rare the simultaneous interpretation

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Yearly salary amounts to 4489 yuan, you ever can think of, this is " top class " simultaneous interpretation member income -- magical rare the simultaneous interpretation that be short of experiences simultaneous interpretation personally " ThehonorMr.mayor, myChinesefriends... " Professor Wu Zhongming says. At this moment, xia Fangyun is rapid on a piece of white paper record, award ask for a favor in Wu Jiao almost while, translate the Chinese meaning that gives a speech immediately, "Mayor Your Exllency of respect, chinese friends... " dialect, language fast, halt by " interpreter " none go out of form, the speech of Professor Wu ends, xia Fangyun's simultaneous interpretation also stops abruptly. This is 12 days, a paragraph of simultaneous interpretation that the reporter sees in place of institute of Wuhan university foreign language is performed. Professor Wu is associate professor of department of English of institute of Wuhan university foreign language, the oral interpretation group that he leads held water 2002, 7 members are the graduate student that comes from this courtyard, xia Fangyun and Li Na are among them " the person that above average " .

Simultaneous interpretation is different from the oral interpretation on common sense, it is to show buccal dragoman uses special facilities for simultaneous interpretation, listen to source language spokesman's continuous speech through earphone, the complete information content that conveys speaking person place synchronously to mike passes interpret thoroughly to become target language. Professor Wu Zhongming says, quality of the professional quality to dragoman, psychology quality, fitness, thought, culture quality reachs simultaneous interpretation nimble thinking is comprehensive test, must groom through strict and professional function ability is brought up. The market is in the interpreter means that calling simultaneous interpretation is popularity of eye preexistence bound, at present the international conference of 95 % adopts simultaneous interpretation.

According to not complete count, up to 2003, the ritzy simultaneous interpretation talented person that our country has U.N. or European Union attestation only 30 people left and right sides, and be in two ground of Beijing, Shanghai centrally. Our country is only also the institution of higher learing with the not much amount to such as university of advanced interpreter institute, Xiamen opens university of university of Beijing foreign language, Shanghai foreign language have oral interpretation major. The oral interpretation talented person that I save very deficient. The international meeting that in me the province held high standards last year -- , international population and development forum, because I save the personnel of conference oral interpretation that asks without up to specification, uses simultaneous interpretation personnel comes from Beijing entirely. The education that I save oral interpretation talented person already no time to delay. Have demand, but why doesn't supply follow to go up? Professor Wu Zhongming says, above all the fixed position of advanced interpreter and oral interpretation talent is very high, qualified join " pass together " the doorsill of study is to should pass exam of qualification of countrywide advanced interpreter, add even later try " pass together " , ability gains mount guard competence. And actually, can have been equivalent to English major through exam of primary interpreter qualification 8 grade level, from the point of the exam case that has had at present, primary percent of pass does not exceed 10 % , and those who pass advanced interpreter qualification is more rare, of oral interpretation " pass together " actor or actress in the reelection on this foundation even, can saying had been reach the limit. When simultaneous interpretation is translated, simultaneous interpretation member ear listens, soon, the hand is written down, the mouth says to undertake in same time almost. Such " four-function of of one mind " ability comes out in the training in assiduous training.
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