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The foreign language translates certificate and the difference that translate pr

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The foreign language translates professional competence certificate after interpreter certificate again

The reporter learned recently, unite a program by ministry of national occurrences in human life, bureau of Chinese foreign language organizes the whole nation that carry out to translate professional competence to take an exam, will be in 3 ground of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou to undertake at the same time at coming 7 days on December 6 first pilot exam. And it is before a few months, ministry of Education also rolled out a foreign language to translate qualificatory certificate accordingly. Then, certificate of qualification of countrywide interpreter major and certificate of translation of complete abroad language made the attestation system that at present our country translates an industry. Although certificate of this two big authoritative interpreters provided ability grade standard from personnel of course of study for the interpreter, regard nucleus of two final examination as content written translation, oral interpretation, but in some way, certificate of this two big interpreters or each have those who emphasize particularly on.

Same point

■ same attestation level

As we have learned, these two certificate are divided for 3 grade, but making a way differ somewhat. The whole nation that issues by ministry of national occurrences in human life translates professional competence certificate to call: One class, 2 class, 3 class. The countrywide foreign language that issues by Ministry of Education translates certificate to call: Primary, intermediate, advanced. One class (advanced) interpreter of oral interpretation, written translation should have relatively substantial scientific literacy knowledge and interpret of taller bilingual each other ability, can be competent limits the interpreter with wider, greater difficulty works, can solve the difficulty problem in translating the job, the oral interpretation that can hold the position of important international conference or translation final version work. 2 class (intermediate) interpreter of oral interpretation, written translation should have certain scientific culture knowledge and ability of good interpret of bilingual each other, the interpreter that can get the better of either to decide limits, certain difficulty works. 3 class (primary) interpreter of oral interpretation, written translation should have basic scientific literacy knowledge and interpret of general bilingual each other ability, can complete general interpreter work.

■ suit a crowd identically

In interview the reporter understands, the level that two different certificate suit examinee pass an entrance examination is identical, relevant controller reminds say, different crowd should choose good exam language, level, like the simplest 3 class (primary) the exam suits major of foreign language of a few blame undergraduate course graduation, through university English 6 class take an exam or graduate level of foreign language three-year institution of higher learning, have certain buccal written translation to carry out experience; And 2 class (intermediate) suit to be not foreign language major however level of graduate of graduate student graduation or undergraduate course of foreign language major, have the 3 interpreters that come 5 years to carry out experience; Want pass an entrance examination one class (advanced) certificate should be most difficult, it should have the 8 interpreters that come 10 years to carry out experience, it is some language the expert of respect of interpret of bilingual each other. In view of this, the university undergraduate course that is not English major is graduate, best from 3 class (primary) take an examination of case. Pass primary oral interpretation or primary pen translator, the oral interpretation that can assume run-of-mill talk works or the interpreter of run-of-mill material works. Different point
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