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Oral interpretation by-talk

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Although oral interpretation and written translation are congeneric the interpreter works, but both each have a characteristic. Its theory, skill and requirement also have each different. The biggest characteristic of oral interpretation is to get effective on the spot. It has time to undertake deliberate rarely to expression, allow deliberate far from even. And, impossible have the aid of is below most circumstance of any reference book. Dragoman wants those who be good at holding two kinds of languages well and truly to be changed repeatedly.

No matter be a talk, still be negotiation or lecture, dragoman whether with clear and fluent language the thought the person that chat is accurate go without by accident report, it is talk and negotiation or lecture whether the key of success. So, how to do fine oral interpretation to work?

One, beforehand should have preparation

After accepting oral interpretation job, must do a few preparation to work (of course, time can grow but short, inspect particular case and decide) , include a language to go up, the with mentally preparation on the technology. The content that wants pair of interpreters above all understands somewhat. For instance, realize task goal, search bibliographical reference, beforehand imitate oral interpretation, memorize the content such as crucial vocabulary. Again criterion, look for project controller to understand a situation namely. Was familiar with project case, the interpreter rises to compare convenient and easy to use naturally.

The oral interpretation that we assume, it is the technical communication that has with lecture means occasionally. Encounter have this kind of case, answer the task that lecture person place should explain, the case that had better join audience understands somewhat, ability is unapt face a fluster. Should take the first time with foreign guest seriously to meet, the activity such as arrangement program. This kind of activity does not involve very deep technology content commonly. After we also can regard it a kind of preparation of formal interpreter. Above all, you can be planted through this the first time the speech that meets to understand and get used to foreign guest gradually, dialect. The person that gets an interpreter knows, the foreigner's speech, dialect also is multifarious. This can understand standard foreign language not only with respect to personnel of need oral interpretation, and want to be able to get used to all sorts of strange antrum to blame tone, non-standard foreign language immediately. Again criterion, pass abecedarian contact, also can have a few knowledge to the content of negotiation or lecture (below the case that desk has preparative without sufficient time in beforehand, this kind of understanding is attached most importance to especially should) . More important is, this kind of initial contact can eliminate you to copy the nervous move of field, the interpreter that is next formal circumstances does good psychology to prepare.
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