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Level of dragoman of Da Jiucheng of breach of talent of our country interpreter

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Yesterday bureau of national foreign language grooms the interpreter culture that the center holds is free on series lecture, wang Xin of this center director discloses, at present the interpreter professional of appoint to a position of our country on guard makes an appointment with 60 thousand person, and the conservative demand cost of visit course of study is made an appointment with 500 thousand, as the development of socioeconomy, very fast " the likelihood can be achieved 1 million " , interpreter talent breach is as high as 90% . Wang Xin thinks, the weakness that translates ability already became a few is badly in need of solve and must be being faced issues in Chinese economy grows and interacting external.

China translates the statistical data of association to show, home is in translation firm now nearly 3000, the translation firm that registers in Beijing only has more than 400. As we have learned, these translate a company mostly scope is very little, translating personnel is a part-time job more, lack scientific administrative kind, interpreter level is uneven. Wang Xin thinks, if the problem that translates ability weakness does not give take seriously adequately, with respect to a when can become Chinese economy to develop big question. Translate culture, study to let more people can understand, this year, bureau of national foreign language grooms center and national library combination rolled out interpreter article to spend free series chair, arrive every months twice. Yesterday, wang Rejin of senior interpreter home teachs U.N. before the experience that told about her to make simultaneous interpretation. The report hall that the lecture of 3 hours makes can hold hundreds of people swarmed interpreter lover. Issue first phase general to continued to hold in hall of national library article on March 5.

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