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After the stage that translates a talent is downstage

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Data shows, at present completely state-owned profession translates 40 thousand much person, from course of study personnel exceeds 500 thousand related, professional translation firm many 3000. On the market with multiform the person that is engaged in translating the job is very much, but the interpreter talented person that has gotten professional training is very few, gao Shuiping's interpreter holds sum total only about 5% fewer even, can be competent the professional of task of international conference oral interpretation is fewer, and basically wait for big city in Beijing, Shanghai centrally. Space of Chinese interpreter market is very large, the integral quality that translates a talent so rises urgently.

Major translates 5 direction of the talent

"Translate a talent to be short of, those who be short of it is simultaneous interpretation not just absolutely. " professor of advanced interpreter college represents university of some foreign language. Simultaneous interpretation is considered as to translate professional pyramid top " gold is gotten " , and he thinks, it is simultaneous interpretation not only, the interpreter talented person that home trains through major can say is all fronts be in an emergency. "Conference oral interpretation, business affairs oral interpretation, professional written translation face the talent's in short supply problem.

Major translates main component to be oral interpretation, written translation two general orientation. If farther fractionize, bigger, talent's in short supply professional interpreter talent basically has home market demand the following 5 direction:

Conference oral interpretation. Conference oral interpretation is in high end in all sorts of oral interpretation, include pass interpret and simultaneous interpretation alternately skill of two kinds of oral interpretation. Although be called " conference oral interpretation " , but besides application at international conference besides, apply extensively also at diplomatic external affairs, meeting medium of activity of interview negotiation, business affairs, news, groom give lessons, the domain such as arbitration of telecast, international. Nowadays, the international meeting that holds every year in Shanghai exceeds 200, have too many visitors or business to deal with to diplomatic shedding, in conference busy season, conference oral interpretation demands exceeds supply, the handsome appearance of conference oral interpretation of small language is more rare.

Judicial oral interpretation. International lawsuit, arbitral general affairs increasingly grow in quantity, the demand to talent of judicial oral interpretation also is highlighted increasingly. The working environment of dragoman of judicial oral interpretation is more special, also have higher demand to legal knowledge. At present the talent of advanced oral interpretation of domestic this one domain is blank almost.
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