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Youth Is Not A Time Of Life; It Is A State Of Mind; It Is Not A Matter Of Rosy Cheeks, red Lips And Supple Knees; It Is A Matter Of The Will, a Quality Of The Imagination, a Vigor Of The Emotions; It Is The Freshness Of The Deep Springs Of Life.
Youth is not time, however mood; Youth is not lip of peach face, red, soft genu, however dark volition, extensive grand imagination, the amour with hot broil; The late spring that youth is life is in current.

Youth Means A Temperamental Predominance Of Courage Over Timidity, of The Appetite For Adventure Over The Love Of Ease. This Often Exists In A Man Of 60 More Than A Boy Of 20. Nobody Grows Old Merely By A Number Of Years. We Grow Old By Deserting Our Ideals.
Green imbued with a spirit as lofty as the rainbow spanning the sky, yong Rui has built timid and weak-willed, enterprising is crushing Gou An. Such dash, 20 have a youthful look and have, man of 6 a period of ten days is more see. Age has add, be not aging, ideal discards, square fall old age.

Years May Wrinkle The Skin, but To Give Up Enthusiasm Wrinkles The Soul. Worry, fear, self-distrust Bows The Heart And Turns The Spring Back To Dust.
Years leisurely, decline to reach skin only; Cordial cast however, decadent send the soul surely. Care is irritated, terrified, lose self-confidence, make the heart screwy surely, if personal feeling is grey.

Whether 60 Or 16, there Is In Every Human Being's Heart The Lure Of Wonder, the Unfailing Childlike Appetite Of What's Next And The Joy Of The Game Of Living. In The Center Of Your Heart And My Heart There Is A Wireless Station: So Long As It Receives Messages Of Beauty, hope, cheer, courage And Power From Men And From The Infinite, so Long Are You Young.
No matter year an a cycle of sixty years, draft or 28 fragrant age, what there all is life in the heart is happy, miraculous temptation, like child child innocent long fill do not decline. There all is an antenna in everybody heart, want you to accept the signal of good, hope, happy, courage and force from ethereal world only, you always are stationed in with respect to youth, elegance and talent often is put.

When The Aerials Are Down, and Your Spirit Is Covered With Snows Of Cynicism And The Ice Of Pessimism, then You Are Grown Old, even At 20, but As Long As Your Aerials Are Up, to Catch Waves Of Optimism, there Is Hope You May Die Young At 80.
Once aerial drops, dash is enclothed by ice and snow, cynical, abandonment arise spontaneously, although year square 20, solid already hanged down aging; In that case to want the antenna since the tree only, take hopeful signal, you leave in 80 advanced age with respect to hopeful still become aware when dirt extensive region young.

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