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I Am Not Bound To Win, but I Am Bound To Be True. I Am Not Bound To Succeed But I Am Bound To Live Up To What Light I Have. I Must Stand With Anybody That Stands Right, stand With Him While He Is Right And Part With Him When He Goes Wrong. ----Lincoln

Translation of government of government of Hong Kong special zone:
I can not win certainly, but decide can genuine act. I do not succeed certainly, but can hold in the arms support consistent belief. The person that I can keep balance with any integrity side-by-side and stand. When he is right, I can give support; When he is wrong, I can leave him for certain and go.

" bright newspaper " translation:
I am not begged surely win, dan Shizhi is genuine. I do not beg a success certainly, but need surely words and deeds is consistent, carry out from beginning to end. I am sure with gentleman side-by-side, it is its place is, be not its place blame.

Dong Qiao translation:
My may not does a stratagem which ensures success firmly, however from beginning to end with sincere conduct oneself in society. Success immediately upon arrival of my may not, do not forget the truth in the heart however. I am become as just as the world person side-by-side and stand, knowing its is and those who support, know to its are not and be abandoned.

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